PastMissions - 2008

Pictures from GOLI's 2008 mission in Chennai,India. Volunteers (Surgeons from US and India along with volunteers) saving precious lives and improving quality of care.

  • Dr Russo and Dr Kapadia In Action


  • Dr Russo, Dr Kapadia (Directors of GOLI) along with a volunteer discussing the patient and next steps


  • The Boy's life GOLI saved. Thiyagarajan had ASD and this procedure was for ASD closure. 


  • GOLI's MD Dr Russo and Dr Kapadia Focussed on their surgery - the best in the world. So much passion, integrity and humility.


  • Incredible focus and attention 


  • Kid after the surgery and being monitored - incredible to survive after such a major operation.


  • The boy (Thiagarajan) survived the operation and gets a hello from Dr Russo


  • On to saving next life (Pandi) with ASD


  •  Almost done


  • Pandi- another boy saved (And smiles back on the mother and grandmother - priceless). Pandi was the real hero!


  • Thought Leadership at indo American Children's Heart Surgery & Cardiac Stem Cell Research


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